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Restaurante El Cerro de la Luna
Main road from Los Cristianos to La Camella

Take off at “Cepsa petrol station”
Telephone: 922 721 827

Fax: 922 721 080

Our opening hours are: 12.00 - 16.00 hours
and 19.00 - 23.00 hours - Closed Tuesday

Restaurante El Cerro de la Luna

Gardens, terraces and good meals.

Enjoy a lovely meal with friends and family.

We have small pergolas in the gardens and nice open areas with sea views.

An ideal place to relax.

A large selection of wines and tapas.

Fried cheese with blackberry marmalade
Croquettes (8)
Padron green peppers
Filled crepe with ricotta, spinach, nuts in curry sauce
Scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and prawns
Garlic mushrooms or wild mushrooms
Mixed board with Manchego cheese & Spanish cold meat
Cheese board
Garlic prawns
Grilled prawns (10)
Grilled king prawns (6)
Fried octopus
Octopus Galician style
Soup of the day

Mixed Salad
Tomato and onion salad
Luna’s Salad
Never the same salad

Grilled fillet steak
Fillet steak with mushrooms sauce
Fillet steak with pepper sauce
Fillet steak with roquefort sauce
Fillet steak with plums & dates
Fillet steak with chopped onions&peppers
Grilled sirloin steak
Chicken breast with apple sauce
Chicken breast with crispy corn flakes
Escalope with mushrooms sauce
Lamb chops
Roast lamb

Grilled Hake
Hake Roman style (egg & flour)
Grilled Sea Bass
Roast Sea Bass
Sea Bass grilled with garlic & parsley
Cod in green sauce
Cod with Piperrada

Mixed Paella (min.2 pers.)
Paella with Seafood (min. 2 pers.)
Paella with vegetables (min. 2 pers.)
Rice broth (min. 2 pers.)

For little ones:
Bread crumbed escalopines
Pasta Carbonara
Croquettes, egg & chips
Chicken nuggets

Restaurante El Cerro de la Luna


Fresh tomato and wild mushrooms salad covered with goat cheese in sweet quince

Sweet black pudding with fresh goat cheese

Meat filled potatoe with mushroom sauce

Dates wrapped in deep fried bacon

Wild mushrooms grilled with green mojo

Grilled fresh goat cheese with tomato jam

Filled onions with asturian black pudding

Deep fried coated prawns with salsa rosé and ali oli

Piquillo peppers filled with black pudding

Squids Roman Style (egg & flour)

Sweet potatoe covered with smoked fish, red peppers, garlic and a drop of olive oil